Mountain bike Customer gallery with mtb parts from Happy Biking

Happy Biking Customer Gallery

Welcome to our Customer gallery. Here you will find photos of our Customers bikes, built with parts from Happy Biking. We hope you enjoy the view.


First up, we have the gorgeous Kona Stinky, built almost exclusively from ourselves.

Kona Stinky 1 by Happy Biking   Kona Stinky 2 by Happy Biking


This lovely Cube Stereo frame was supplied by Happy Biking, and can now be found flying down the French Alps!

Cube Stereo by Happy Biking   Cube Stereo Frame by Happy Biking


How about this stunning Cannondale RZ120 29er, frame supplied by Happy Biking, and now located in Hungary.

Cannondale RZ120 29er by Happy Biking  

Our anodised bars and stem, built up, look amazing.  Thanks to Jamie from Gateshead.

Anodised bars and stem from Happy Biking

 Pretty tasty looking in Green too!  Big thanks to Mark Harrison for these pics.