Sorry, 6 months have passed - how did that happen? October 30, 2016 23:07

Wow! Six whole months have passed since I last posted here! How on earth did that happen?

So, I should really apologise for that.  The perils of being a sole trader is that there's never enough of you to go around.

Throughout the summer, its been a lot busier with repairs and servicing, and I've tried to keep this news coming out via our Facebook page, I hope you've enjoyed the updates. 

Our repairs and servicing are very reasonably priced, with all work carried out with pride. After all, I do appreciate just how much your bike means to you.  So it's looked after accordingly.

 If you've not "liked" our Facebook page, then why not?  It's full of updates about new products we're thinking about adding, and ones which have just arrived.

Just click on the link, we'd be delighted to see you there


I'll blog again soon, promise I won't leave it so long!