What's going on now then? March 12, 2015 16:30

Well, I'm still slogging away, tweaking this, changing that, and it's still far from a perfect webshop, but then Rome wasn't built in a day, now was it?

We've now added a service that's been in operation for quite a while, but not greatly advertised.   To be honest, it's probably still not greatly advertised, but that will come too...

So what is this "not greatly advertised" service?   It's our "Lay-By" service.   So what's this then?  I hear you ask.   It goes like this:

  1. You see a part that you would really like, but you don't have all the cash right now.   We've all been in that situation.
  2. Contact me, by phone, email, fb message, carrier pigeon if you like, and we talk.   That's easy too.
  3. We work out a simple deal, where you pay a deposit, then pay the rest over an agreed time.
  4. As soon as it's paid for in full, I ship it off to you.

The real main points are, that you pay NO INTEREST.   You get your item when it's paid for.   No fuss, no hassles, just pure and simple common sense.

I'm trying to get this as widely advertised as possible, but this isn't as easy as it may seem.   I'm posting it on facebook, and have sent out emailers too.   So hopefully doing this over and over again, will get the message over.  

You should hopefully, find some new, but not necessarily brand new, stock trickling into our shop over the next wee while.   It's quite a slog, when you're the buyer, the dismantler, the marketing, the sales, the admin, the post, and the tea boy, all rolled into one!   Let's not forget customer service too!

What probably makes it all possible, is the same reason our opening hours at midnight to midnight, 7 days a week.   What's this secret ingredient?   It's all carried out from my home!

Just as well, right now, it's dinner time too :)

'Til next time,